Reignite, Reimagine, Rebrand

We develop your custom brand and marketing strategy to revitalize your identity and set you up for revolutionary growth.

Step 1: Start with a Business Identity Blueprint

Introducing the Business Identity Blueprint, our signature process that dives deep into your business history to chart a course for your future.

The Blueprint is powered by an innovative 90-minute interview that will dazzle you with what you discover about yourself and your business, while the Root Cause team takes it all in and pushes it through our unique perspective to identify how to pitch your root value proposition - the special qualities that compel people to engage and buy.

The Blueprint includes the interview and a comprehensive written brief that identifies your business and brand opportunities with a clear plan to move forward. This comprehensive plan is your roadmap to success, ensuring you make a lasting impact in the market.


*(this cost gets applied to any Business Identity Build moving forward)

Step 2: Make it happen with a Business Identity Build

Transitioning to action, our Business Identity Build phase brings the strategy to life.

Get your entire business identity redesigned in 28 days. That's positioning, messaging, website copy, logo, identity, website design and build, and more in less than a month.

With expertise in crafting compelling brand stories, writing attention-grabbing copy, designing websites, and creating fresh logos, we're more than consultants; we're partners dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

If you're ready to rediscover your business identity and create a powerful brand that resonates, Root Cause Marketing is your trusted companion on this journey of growth.

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